My name is Roberto, I am Italian but I have been living in London since 2004 till September 2019, when I have moved to the USA. I am now roaming the Big Apple.

Photography is a passion that takes all my free time besides my day-to-day job and my responsibilities as the proud daddy of our young daughter. I've started with landscape, done some macro, got in love with big cats (tigers, leopards, lions, and the such) and, since the end of 2010, by chance, I've started taking photos of people - still adore my furry feline friends but somehow people are easier to come by...

Please note that, while this is not my primary occupation, I am totally 100% reliable and committed - if I commit to a date I will be there ready to shoot and I will give my 100% to make it a success... and I will expect that everyone else involved in the session will show the same level of professionalism.

I am interested in editorial / portfolio / fashion work. Edgy but tasteful. I want to work with creative and professional people - models, MUAs, hair and clothing stylists, designers...
I can usually work during weekends or during weekdays if I can get a reasonable notice.

I do not have a studio. This may change sooner or later, but, till that will not be the case, to shoot in a studio will mean renting one and therefore a cost. I have shot in studios and know how to use them.

I do my own post processing of images but for ambitious shoots I tend to use professional retouchers nowadays. I generally provide also unedited versions to the members of the team.

Try me!

I've been interviewed for a couple of blogs as well... Blog and Elle Flynn's Blog



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